Confirmed nerds will revel in a diverse cast, zany fandoms, and cosplaying crowds, but this is for any reader seeking a smart breezy, coming-of-age about finding your friends—and finding your inconvenient self.

About the Book

A buttoned-up overachiever works overtime to keep her inner nerd at bay—failing spectacularly—in Nancy Werlin’s hilarious and heartfelt return to contemporary realistic fiction.

Planning is Zoe Rosenthal’s superpower. She has faith in a properly organized to-do list and avoids unnecessary risks. Her mental checklist goes something like this: 1) Meet soulmate: DONE! 2) Make commitment: DONE! 3) Marriage: TO COME! (after college).

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About Nancy

"I don’t know if I have literary influences. Probably. But I know for sure that several books I read early on were (for good or bad) life influences: The Cat in the Hat, Harriet the Spy, A Little Princess, Far From the Madding Crowd, and Jane Eyre.”

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Nancy on Zoe Rosenthal Is Not Lawful Good